OpenText Cordys Software

Successful businesses need to be built-to-change. However, many organizations are hindered by IT landscapes that are built-to-last.

OpenText BPM closes this gap through a powerful combination of process technology and implementation methodology. By doing so, OpenText BPM enables organizations to change in real-time.


OpenText BPM puts business in direct control of their processes, resulting in:

  • Near zero lag time between an executive decision making and implementation
  • Faster response to rapidly changing business conditions
  • Continuous process improvement for higher efficiency and effectiveness
  • Low risk leave-and-layer approach that re-purposes existing applications and systems

ITFlux has signed the partnership with OpenText for implementing different release versions of their products to solve the integration and work flow issues of customers.

ITFlux automated the workflows and integration at CholaMS General Insurance w.r.t Motor Claims, Marine Claims etc using OpenText BPM.

Note: OpenText BPM was erstwhile Cordys.