Trading Industry Software

We understand that each vertical has its own unique set of requirements and a one-size-fit-all solution cannot deliver the expected results. The business analysts from the ITFlux team has had enough opportunities to interact with the Trading industry. This has enabled us to understand the KPIs and metrics of the Trading industry which is effectively mapped in our Trading Industry ERP software.

  • Sourcing across geographies
  • Lead Conversion
  • Customer tracking
  • Identifying Profitable Customers
  • Differential Pricing
  • Customized Sales themes and Sales promotions
  • Supply Chain Management
    • Purchases with references to the Projects
    • Multilevel Warehousing
    • Supplier Accounting
  • Financial Planning & Budgeting
  • Human Resources Management & Payroll
  • Sales team Performance Tracking
  • Incentivise Performance
  • General Accounting and Customer Invoicing

Our clients in this vertical ensure that their customers are always happy by on time delivery without compromising on the quality of the product as well as their ROI and profit. Trading ERP helps them to do this efficiently.

We invite you to co-author a corporate success story!!!