QA & Testing Services

Automated software testing

The Automated software testing need and underlying Architectural frameworks and models have developed from a background of the failed promises of Test Automation tool vendors.
They derive from a realistic assessment of the component-environment required for truly delivering the maximum gains of Test automation.
Framework driven automated software testing has arrived as a mandatory QA implementation strategy for mature product delivery environments.
An Automation Framework establishes a bulwark customized to the target application for writing, hoisting and implementing automated scripts with minimum effort so that a major part of the Product regression Testing involving repetitive Testing of the same features, is automated.
ITFlux QA services bring a strong proposition of Framework based automation customized to the complexities of the specific application.
For AGILE customers, our Automation Framework solutions help realize the real benefit of Test Driven Development (TDD) by actualizing a unified environment to manage all flavors of Automated scripts in multiple harnesses.
We define an automation framework at different four levels of accomplishment, namely:
  • Level 1 – In line with the QQA model, Unified Management of Manual & Automated Test Scripts
  • Level 2 – Integration with multiple Test harnesses
  • Level 3 – Integration with Continuous Build Management
  • Level 4 – Independent management of Test Data and Test Action Script components
  • Level 5 – Context/Page/Object based Application ITIL repository leveraging XML to simplify Script maintenance and change management.
Our prior implementations in a number of automated software testing environments including Junit, TestNG, Nunit, Watir, Selenium and Mercury Quality Centre, potentates a strong sensibility and sure capability for delivering the Optimum Automation framework to the customer with White-Box / Black-Box script development as an additional deliverable if required.