Custom Software Application Development

Custom Software Application Development

ITFlux Custom software development services are tailored to clients who have either an existing custom application that they need upgraded or want to build one from scratch.

As companies world over have been migrating from traditional applications they also often have to make a choice between buying off the shelf products vs. building custom software applications.

While Off the shelf products get you started fairly quick they typically need to be customized to suit your specific business need and business model.

On the other hand custom software applications take longer to develop but then can create a software that meet your business needs to the dot.

The choice is often between time, money and flexibility. But it is also true that any system needs some amount of customization to suit the dynamic business need.

ITFlux custom software development services divides typical custom projects into two areas bringing the best of both worlds to make things faster and cost effective.

Custom software application development

Custom software application development services are aimed towards customers who might have an application but need to upgrade them to meet new business needs. These customers typically have the entire source code also with them and the first thought is how best we can transform the existing application to meet the new needs.

Since they have been using this application, their best bet if they want to keep the existing application is to go for another round of custom software application development. But the question is how can you make it more efficient and effective.

Our team of custom software developers will go through your existing code structure and also discuss with you on your new business needs and come up with a plan to get the best out of your existing application.

Based on the findings we would propose, tools and solutions that are available as well as recommend building certain components from scratch and then integrating with the current application.

Based on the technology used previously you might also be recommended to migrate to a new technology. With new technologies springing up every day the first step to successful implementation is an informed decision making at the start and our team will hand hold you through the entire process.

ITFlux also leverages the power of several application frameworks where our custom software developers are able to bring to life an application customized to user needs in fraction of the cost.

Whether you need Custom Web application development from scratch or custom software application development to tie in into your old application ITFlux has a solution that will save you time and dollars. 

Custom Web application development

Custom Web application development service is more tuned to customers who want to build custom web applications like content management systems, web based business applications, B2C & B2B applications and more.

We often recommend a mix of custom code and off the shelf products to balance the factors of time, budget and flexibility. 

ITFlux has strong expertise in both commercial and open source packages and web frameworks to build the most suitable solution for small and medium business using an array of tools such as Joomla, CakePHP, DotNetNuke, Java and more.

Our custom web application development service provides small and medium businesses an opportunity to leverage the power of the web through the implementation of highly tailored custom web applications.