PHP Development

ITFlux brings its expertise in PHP Application Development using one of the very popular LAMP environment, which consists of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

The open source underpinnings of the PHP Development tools offer the ability to design web applications that are both effective and creative. These tools are very user-friendly, making them a popular choice of developers’ worldwide. ITFlux’s expertise in various PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend helps the client to develop applications faster and better. ITFlux offers clients with the following Services

PHP Website Development

PHP is the choice technology for building several high profile websites. ITFlux offers its clients with PHP Website development services where in complex websites can be developed using various LAMP based frameworks and Content Management Systems

PHP Application Development

Building robust and scalable business applications using the LAMP frameworks. ITFlux has developed several complex business applications from scratch leveraging the power of the open source technologies

Product Development

There are several software products in the markets that are built using the LAMP stack. ITFlux provides a co-development facility for emerging and established product companies where products can be envisioned, developed and released at a much faster pace

Application Maintenance and Support

For software product companies that need to lower their cost of maintenance and support of existing LAMP Based applications, ITFlux offers an offshore solution so that existing products can be maintained and supported at a fraction of the cost

Migration to PHP

Being a very popular technology environment, it is natural that many products are being moved to the LAMP platform for adaptability and scalability. ITFlux Team provides customers with an easy and fast route to migrate their existing applications to the LAMP platform

Hire a PHP Programmer

ITFlux also offers dedicated development support where any company or product group can hire a PHP Programmer who will seamlessly integrate into your existing team and work as one of your own team members

In short PHP Application Development has grown in popularity because of their availability and their adaptability. They’re freely available, easily configured, and very robust.

They’re in a constant state of development and improvement, adding features suggested by the user community at large. They can be easily deployed, fully configured, and maintained with a minimal amount of effort.

In short, the PHP Development Tools allows developers to do what they do best: develop, without spending a disproportionate amount of time in the administrative details.